Welcome to the DeepSight Toolkit demo page!

To try our interactive demos you need to:

1. Download the DeepSight Toolkit.
2. Install it on a hardware of your choice with a camera.
3. Run the Toolkit.
4. Open your favorite demo page and enjoy!

Digital Signage

Interested in making your ads more relevant and engaging for your audience?

The Narrowcasting demonstrates how the Toolkit can be used to trigger custom and relevant ad content to the right people at the right time.
This demo is an example of what an integration with a Content Management System (CMS) would look like. Simply connect the Toolkit JSON output with your CMS API and set your triggers for dynamic advertising. This integration is perfect for use in retail environments or DOOH displays.

Customer Satisfaction

Ever wondered if your customers are satisfied with your products and services?

This demo is the digital & interactive upgrade on the old-fashioned feedback stations. Normally, visitors can use physical stations to rate their in-store experiences by selecting a smiley on the screen.
But what if the mood was detected directly from their facial expression? Face analysis can do just that! The customer satisfaction demo shows how the Toolkit can detect the emotional state of people and offer further action, for instance a discount voucher.


Interested in knowing which part of your content or which of the products displayed attracts the most interest?

The Toolkit can tell you what your customers are looking at by measuring the angle of their head (headpose). The Toolkit can then draw a heat map to track a person's movement as shown in this simple demo.


Interested in knowing how engaging your content or presentation is?

The following demo combines our headpose estimation together with our mood tracker which can be used to measure the interest and engagement rates of audiences during conferences, events, meetings and more!

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